My name is Alvaro Aguayo (better known as "AL" among friends and customers alike) and I welcome you to my site!

My love for photography and cinematography began during those summer months of my adolescence and teenager years. My father gave me his used film/aquatic "Vivitar", and at the same time my siblings, neighbors and at times even my parents spent entire days creating movies and plots to film around the neighborhood... for sure I recall those years as AMAZINGLY FUN!!!

My love for the arts grew steady and stronger.

AA PROFESSIONAL Photography has been in business since the spring of 1998 and we've done over a thousand weddings and ten times more portraits since the day we started. And so far, I've enjoyed every moment of it.

As AA PROFESSIONAL Photography's owner and lead photographer I'm very happy with the quality we provide to our clients, and also to be able to offer it at an affordable price.

I'm also an enthusiast actor and an avid entrepreneur. I also enjoy many hobbies which includes mountain biking, cycling, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, snow boarding and many other outdoor activities.

As a photographer I offer a fresh perspective and a unique look for weddings and portraits alike with a sense of journalism and fashion. I put all my art and talent to create your story so you can enjoy it and remember it with happiness every single day for years and decades in the future.

Visit my personal web site: alvaroaguayo.com