Portraits - Information

CHILDREN - To help them feel comfortable we reccomend their sessions to be about 20 or 30 minutes. If you have a VERY active child, their session might be shorter. We like to let kids to be kids.

TEENS & HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS - A short or a long sessoin. But in order to get more options, poses, outfit changes, etc. we always suggest to do a ONE hour session. We can do your session in the studio or on location.

FAMILY - We always make sure your entire family have fun! (Yes, husbands usually end up smiling!) Due to the varierty of the sizes and styles family sessions will be different from one family to the next one. We always reccommend family sessions to be about 30 or 45 minutes long so we can have all the different groups you want.

MATERNITY - We can do your session as short or as long as you want, but in order to get more options, poses, outfit changes, etc. we always suggest to do a 1 hour session. We welcome the presence of your significant other. In our consultation we will talk about the outfits you'll bring.

MODELING - Styles and purposes are too many to list them all. To get the most options, poses, outfit changes, etc. we always require a consultation and planning meeting.

PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS - The length of your sessions will depend on what are you looking for.
- 10 minutes sessions: Business Card Headshot, Obituary headshots, General Internet Profile.
- 30-60 minutes sessions: Acting Headshots, Book authors Headshots, Cinematic Headshots.

General Information

PROPS - You are most welcome to use any of our props but because we have limited storage space we welcome you to bring any prop and decoration you want.

OUTFITS - We don't carry ANY outfits or clothing for anybody. Every outfit must be brought on your own. If you have any question about how to color coordinate for your session, feel free to contact us.

SCHEDULING - Tuedays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are easier to get a time for your session. Nonetheless, we welcome Fridays and Saturdays sessions.
Make sure you contact us about 1 week before your session to make sure we will be ready for you and your children.

LOCATION - Our studio is open to do any session you want, nevertheless, we welcome sessions on location to further the amount of options, poses and background pportunities for your children portraits.